Event Organizer Information

Connections and Creations Global Mystery Writing Contest is the brainchild of Toney Joseph and Jaseena Backer who have converted their love for literary genius into a project that taps into the world’s creative souls with a passion for storytelling.

Toney Joseph

Toney Joseph is a left-brained, logical businessman to whom creativity meant striking a good business deal. Success took him to new heights but the heinous betrayal by someone he held in high regard and who he held close to his heart, sent him on a downward spiral. But with each surge of pain and each dreadful moment gave rise to the dangerous super villain that is the protagonist of this new project. Toney chose to rise from his pain and channeled his energy into visualizing and sharing the concept of this unique book with the world. But alas, he is no writer. That’s when he joined hands and minds with Jaseena Backer and decided to launch the first ever Connections and Creations Global Mystery Writing Contest.

Jaseena Backer

Jaseena Backer is a psychologist by profession and writer by passion for over a decade. She loves to explore the different dimensions and intricacies of human relationships. At the onset, she did not know what to expect from Toney’s narration of a global mystery thriller. Spellbound by the storyline, Jaseena could truly visualize this story taking the world by storm. She is now pivotal part of creating the story guidelines for participants and managing the integrity of the original storyline. She believes this story should be written and read by the world.