What Mysteries can you unveil with the power of your words?

14 February 2018. An extraordinary day that combines love and sacrifice when Valentine’s Day coincides with Ash Wednesday. On this auspicious occasion, Connections and Creations is proud to announce the first ever Global Mystery Writing Contest.

12Chapters, 6Writers, US$12,000 &
US$100 for 60 Connections & Creations Elite writers club members. 

If you are a mystery writer, then this is your chance for glory. Show us the power of your creativity. Put your mind to words and words to winnings to make your mark as a world-renowned author.

The plot…

Born from the chaos and darkness of humanity, this ground-breaking story is woven around a super-villain who wants to conquer the world. For 20 years, he has been building a vision for a new world order and he will not stop until the humanity bows down to his tyranny. Shudders run through the spine of every metropolis on the planet when they discover his master plan. So a special task force has been dispatched by the United Nations. The heat is on to stop a sophisticated mad man from annihilating major cities across the world.

When will he strike?

What is the Special Task Force planning?

Will they stop him on time?

Only YOU know.

I am a mystery Writer. Tell me more!